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At the Natural Me Academy you will find everything that you need to support your wellbeing and spiritual growth.

  • Would you like to create a life that flows with the natural rhythms of Nature and the Moon?
  • Would you like to learn how to use essential oils, reflexology and crystals for your daily wellbeing needs?
  • Would you like to learn how to harness the magic of your intuition?
  • Would you like supportive coaching for your feminine health?
  • Perhaps you need guidance in creating a life that's connected to your passion and purpose?

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The Natural Me Academy for Wellbeing can support you on your journey of self-discovery!

Hi, I'm Lisa Melbourne!

Welcome to Natural Me!

My journey began as a Clinical Aroma-Reflexologist 8 years ago when I qualified and decided to specialise in Women's Health and Fertility, practicing from my clinic in Lincoln, UK.

It was 2 years a go that I then felt compelled to share my own spiritual practices and therapies to support women from around the world in re-connecting with their wellbeing, their passion and purpose by living a life that flows in rhythm with nature and the moon.

In 2019 the Natural Me Sisterhood was born!

Since creating the Sisterhood I have gone on to write regularly for Soul & Spirit Magazine, offering natural health and wellbeing tips and techniques to readers, and recently published my first book, Natural Magic for the Modern Goddess which went straight to number 1 in the Amazon New Releases Chart!

My passion for creating a mindful life that is deeply connected, not only to ourselves but to the natural world around us, comes from over a decade of re-building my own life after leaving the military and hitting rock bottom. It was there, in the darkness that I slowly pieced myself back together and learnt how to implement natural healing tools and techniques into my life to support my health and wellbeing that had suffered as a result of losing the connection that I had to myself.

Coming soon........

Our Intuitive Magic Course is coming in September, ready for it's first intake of students!!

Are you ready to embrace your gift of intuition?

We all have a connection to our intuition, our 'sixth sense' and our ability to receive messages from our higher-self, guides and angels. For some of us the connection is stronger than it is for others.

This course will take you on a journey of deeper connection to the wisdom that resides within you, through guided meditations, visualisations, journaling and my personal method for using oracle cards, so that you can live a life fully aligned to the calling of your soul and your personal team of Spirit Guides.

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Our Sisterhood, Courses, Subscriptions & Coaching Packages

Here at the Natural Me Academy for Wellbeing, you will find all that you need to support you in creating a deeper and more loving connection to yourself, your health and the natural world around you.

In the busy world that we live in we are discovering that more and more of us are struggling with our health, this includes both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe that this is due to our lack of time to connect to ourselves, and really listen to what our mind and body needs.

I also believe that this feeling of disconnection that we are experiencing is linked to the lack of connection that we have to Earth and Nature.

Now is the perfect time to reconnect, to enjoy a new journey of self-discovery.

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'Thank you Lisa!'

"I still use my Path Of Light Course as my journal guide, along with my Cosmic Nature Workbook, and do the moon phase meditations, feminine nutrition and activities, as I love them.

The magic of the seasons started me on another journey, I now have an interest in seasonal gardening and recipes, and Wilding!

Love that I found you. Can't wait for an Oracle Reading! xx"