'It's incredible how you were able to pick up on so much of what is happening for me right now.'

'Lisa thank you so much for today's reading! So fabulous to meet you after lurking on your insta page for so long!

It is incredible how you were able to pick up on so much of what is happening for me right now from my transits as well as give a tantalising insight into where I'm heading and what my soul purpose is.

The messages you received from your guides was absolutely spot on and I really resonated with what they wanted me to know...I'm now left with an overwhelming sense of calmness and excitement as I know that there are challenging times ahead but the gifts that they will bring will be more than worth it - and I've got all those fire signs in my corner too!

Thank you again....

Much love, Viki'

'You are amazing and I shall recommend you.'

'I just want to thank you for my reading and for holding space for me, I felt so at ease with you and aligned in so many ways. It's all so very interesting and magical!

You are amazing at it and I shall recommend you, you put your heart and soul into your reading and it was very thorough. This is definitely your calling! Thank you my darling.'


'It was incredible, fascinating and insightful.'

'I have had birth chart and soul purpose reading with Lisa. It was incredible, fascinating and insightful and it has helped me to understand so much about myself, my life path and my soul purpose.

Receiving this from Lisa has been a gift in so many ways. Thank you Lisa.'


'I have felt quite lost in recent years...Lisa's reading reassured me of my purpose.'

'I have wanted a birth chart reading for a long time and I'm so happy I was able to connect with Lisa for this. I have felt quite lost in recent years and, through Lisa's reading I was reassured of my life's purpose and how my birth chart shapes who I am and my interests.

It was particularly spooky how everything added up and to know I am on the right path has made such a difference to my mental health and life worries.

Not only does Lisa explain the birth chart clearly, she also uses her intuition and Guides to provide additional information and facilitate discussion.

I was initially nervous but her calming presence and friendly energy put me at ease so I was able to fully relax throughout the reading.

I highly recommend Lisa for all readings and spiritual offers. Thank you so much x'


Hello, and welcome to your Personal Astrology Reading!

My name is Lisa and I'm a Star Priestess Astrologer having trained with the Silver Spiral Astrology School based in Glastonbury. I trained under the incredibly gifted goddess, Maria Jones and I'm currently undertaking my second year of Silver Spiral training to become a Priestess of the Stars.

What Is A Birth Chart And What Guidance Can A Reading Offer?

As a Star Sister Astrologer I am able to put together your very unique birth chart that will show the exact placement of the planets, moon, sun and other significant cosmic bodies within our solar system at the time that you were born.

If you already have an interest in astrology you will know that the planets and stars and their placement within our cosmic sky are believed to hold an incredible influence over our daily lives.

The astrological calendar that we know and work with today finds its roots within Ancient Mayan history. The Maya developed some of the most accurate pre-telescope astronomy in the world and along with their mythology and astrology, they integrated it all into one system that helped them to predict cosmic events such as solar and lunar eclipses, the cycle of visible planets such as Venus and the movements of the constellations.

In the same way that the popular practice of observing and mindfully honouring the moon and its phases is believed to influence our physical and emotional health and wellbeing as it does the oceans and the tides, astrology has become another wonderfully popular tool for helping to understand ourselves more deeply as individuals as well as collectively.

The art of applying specific astrology within our birth chart will help us to uncover our:

  • gifts and talents
  • repetitive negative patterns and cycles
  • strengths and perceived weaknesses in relationships with others as well as our relationship with ourself
  • true purpose and direction in life

Ultimately, our birth chart lends us a wonderfully cosmic perspective on our life and the path that we have trodden so far and the one that we are destined to follow into our future.

Your birth chart reading will lend you clarity and a cosmic shift in perspective offering you insight into the ancient wisdom of the stars and planets that guide you daily throughout your life.